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Insurance Products

Life Insurance

Protect your family’s future with adequate life insurance coverage, this can ensure that your loved ones are well taken care of when you're no longer around.

premium financing

Premium Financing

Why do many people talk about premium financing?
Because many people say: Premium financing is better than purchasing properties due to its low risk and attractive return.

What is premium financing?
Generally speaking, premium financing is a financing arrangement whereby a customer takes out a loan to pay the premium for an insurance policy used as collateral for the loan, which is similar to purchasing properties. Three parties are involved in a premium financing arrangement: the policyholder, the insurance company, and the lending bank. Unlike property mortgage, where you need to repay both principal and interest each month, the repayment method of premium financing is "interest but not principal." You only need to pay bank interest every month until the policy surrenders, which reduces the repayment pressure. When the insurance surrenders, the bank deducts the loan, and the remaining part will go to the policyholder.

An example:
A property is worth five million dollars. If a customer has one million dollars, he can borrow four million dollars from the bank to buy the property. The principle of premium financing is the same. For an insurance policy of five million dollars, if a customer has one million dollars, he can also borrow four million dollars (premium financing) from the bank to buy this insurance policy. Since the bank loan interest rate is only about 1% - 2% a year (different banks offer different interest plans, based on H and P interest rates. For example, a bank provides an interest rate of H+1.6%, and the upper limit is P-2.35%), and the average annual return of the policy is estimated to be 4% - 5% (compound interest), the customer can then make a profit from it. When the insurance policy expires, the policyholder can get back the policy value, plus the non-guaranteed dividend.

Benefits of premium financing:
(1) The investment cost is much lower than that of investing in properties which could be millions of dollars.
(2) When comparing premium financing and property purchasing, the burden of the monthly repayment for premium financing is not as heavy as that of property mortgage because premium financing only involves payment of interest, but property mortgage requires payment of interest and principal, and additionally involves payment of any other monthly miscellaneous expenses.
(3) With the current low-interest rates, the interest margin earned by policyholders from policy dividends and premium financing rates is higher than that of other investment tools in the financial markets.
(4) If you want to cash out, you only need to surrender the insurance to the insurance company, and the insurance company will deduct the premium borrowed by the customer and return the remaining money to the policyholder. The cash-out process only takes about one to two weeks.

Premium financing is a low-risk and stable financial management tool. It uses the low-interest environment and the principle of leverage to earn the difference (interest margin) between the policy dividend and the bank interest rate. Since the global low-interest-rate environment will continue for some time, using insurance policies for premium financing will continue and become very popular.

Investment involves risks. Welcome to inbox me to learn more. I will help you analyze and tailor-make your financial plan.

Saving Insurance

Savings insurance is a conservative financial management tool. In addition to the death compensation protection during the policy period, the policyholder can get back the principal and dividend after the policy period expires. It is one of the common insurance products.

Savings and wealth management have no seasonal time limit, but there are many kinds of savings insurance products, and some integrated products can better achieve two or three personal or family goals for you (such as retirement + savings, life + savings, children's education + savings). Different products have different contribution periods and protection periods.

The whole life savings insurance is a financial tool that has both a return (including guaranteed and non-guaranteed returns) and a life component (protected to life). Our savings and life insurance products have different orientations, some are more secure while some are more focused on wealth appreciation. Policyholders need to choose the number of contribution periods, during which they usually pay a fixed premium. When comparing products, we measure the guaranteed return, expected return and death compensation of the products.

Critical Illness Insurance

A crisis is unpredictable, and the accompanying financial pressure will affect the stability of your family. As the average life expectancy becomes longer and longer, the chances of suffering from a variety of critical illnesses in a lifetime are also higher than before. Without sufficient funds to back up, the huge medical expenses can disrupt your overall plan for your family.

To help you ensure that your beloved family enjoys a happy future, we provide protection for a variety of diseases with multiple protections to allow you to receive emergency treatment promptly.

The busywork of Hong Kong people, coupled with unhealthy lifestyle habits such as irregular food and lack of exercise, will increase the chance of suffering from critical illness. The most common critical diseases in Hong Kong are mainly cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Most young people mistakenly think that their chances of suffering from critical illness are not high, so they haven't purchased critical illness insurance, but in fact, critical illness can happen to people of any age.

According to the Hong Kong Cancer Information Statistics Center of the Hospital Authority, in 2016, the rejuvenation of critical illness has become a worldwide trend. Therefore, young people with good health should take advantage of their age. When they're young, the insurance premium can be lower, but in exchange for a high sum insured.

Also, the medical expenses and rehabilitation expenditures involved in critical illnesses are high, and during the course of treatment, patients may need to suspend work and concentrate on resting, thereby losing an implicit source of income and bringing a financial burden to the family.

Medical Insurance

If you only rely on your company's medical insurance, it'll not be enough to protect you. Although many companies are providing medical insurance for employees, the compensation has a limit that may only be enough to cover the cost of minor surgery. If the compensation limit is exceeded, you'll need to pay the difference. Hence, it's necessary to purchase personal medical insurance. Further, it's better to purchase it while you're in good health and young, in which case multiple protection can be made with low costs.

Medical insurance is an important part of comprehensive life security, and it's indispensable to modern life. Short-term hospitalization expenses can be expensive, so you should provide you and your family with comprehensive medical care protection.

Accident Insurance

Accidents are usually unavoidable. We can see from the news that there are so many unfortunate events every day. Although we can't predict the accidents, we can purchase security for ourselves and our families in advance to reduce financial risk. Even if an accident happens, we can meet the financial needs.

In the event of an accident, personal accident insurance can ensure that you have adequate financial security and help you cope with the medical expenses.

Group Insurance

Provide group insurance products such as life, medical, accident, travel, and critical illness protection to your employees and their families will help mitigate their worries and uncertainty.

Employees' Compensation Insurance

Employers are liable to pay compensation for injuries that are sustained by their employees as a result of accidents that arise out of and in the course of their employment.

Regardless of whether the employees are working full-time or part-time (including part-time domestic helpers and summer job workers, etc.), employers are required, under section 40 of the Employees' Compensation Ordinance., to have valid insurance policies taken out to cover employers' liabilities under the Ordinance and at common law for injuries at work in respect of every employee.

Employers who fail to have valid insurance cover are liable to prosecution and, on conviction, a maximum fine of $100,000 and imprisonment for two years.

In this regard, we provide employees' compensation cover to help you satisfy the legal requirements under the Employees' Compensation Ordinance.

Travel Insurance

Enjoy every minute of your break.

With travel insurance coverage, you can travel everywhere without worry.

Peace of mind, wherever you go.

Home Insurance

A home is not only walls and a roof but also your investment. That's why a home insurance cover is required to protect the home that you value most. Our home insurance provides comprehensive coverage and a wide range of optional benefits that you can choose to suit your circumstances.

Car Insurance

With car insurance coverage, you and any third party are fully covered by the comprehensive car insurance for the loss or damage resulting from a traffic accident. Enjoy driving!

Fire Insurance

Your property is valuable. In the event of a sudden fire disaster, fire insurance can provide you with the funds needed to rebuild the damaged property.

Commercial Insurance

Choosing the commercial insurance plan and financial insurance you need can help companies cope with the financial liability risks in their daily operations. Our Marine Insurance Department provides our customers with comprehensive marine insurance solutions, including cargo transportation insurance, logistics, etc.

Financial Products

Education Fund

Plan for your children!

An education fund to ensure your children have a bright future.

Mandatory Provident Fund

Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) is the foundation of your retirement protection. I'll choose the most suitable MPF plan for you to help you obtain the best protection.

Real Estate Agency Business

Customers can receive investment income through sales and leasing of real estate. We're an agent for overseas real estate and land investment projects and will try our best to provide you with various valuable property information to meet your needs.

Immigration Advisory Services

We've a team of specialized consultants who're familiar with the professional fields of law and accounting. You'll obtain reliable and professional immigration consulting services, including but not limited to immigration applications and children's education enrollment. We'll make all the arrangements for you.

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